URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser (200ml) Review

URPOWER 200ml Essential Oil Diffuser Review

URPOWER brand of aromatherapy diffusers comes with a lot of features. In this review, I am taking a look at their 200ml essential oil diffuser. I have already reviewed their 500 ml diffuser earlier. In this detailed review, I will take you through all the aspects of 200 ml URPOWER diffuser.

URPOWER Oil Diffuser Review

What Company Claims

  • 3 in 1 functions by single device (diffuser, humidifier and night light)
  • 200 ml capacity
  • Up to six hours run time
  • Timer mode
  • LOW/HIGH mist output modes

Package Contents

  • 200 ml URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Power Cord
  • User Manual

Initial Impressions

The diffuser looks like a marvellous piece of wood. In fact, when you open the top lid, you would realize that the material use is all plastic. The diffuser impresses you by its looks, and has a compact size. When I turned on the diffuser, I was impressed by the mist output. Let us see if the diffuser can keep impressing us with its functionality.


As I mentioned earlier, the diffusers sports an all plastic construction. It has a wood grain finish, which not only looks nice, but also matches with your furniture styles. You would notice that the mist output vent is on the top edge of the diffuser. Since the diffuser has low height, it easy to fit inside a small furniture bedroom stand.

URPOWER diffuser has two parts. One base unit which houses the water reservoir and electronic circuitry. The top unit is just a lid. It has a vent for mist output. The top unit of the diffuser does not lock to the base unit of the diffuser. It is easy to remove. Since the diffuser is short, the chances of a pet knocking it down are very slim.

The bottom of the base unit has power connector and a fan. The fan provides necessary air supply to the diffuser. There are very small rubber padding at the bottom, so that necessary air can be sucked in by the fan. The power connector at the bottom of the diffuser would pose difficulty while disconnecting the base unit for cleaning.

The diffuser has two buttons. One of the button is for powering on the diffuser and controlling the mist. The second button controls lighting. The mist button is located on the right hand side, while the light control button is located on the left hand side. There is a small LED behind the button indicating the status of the diffuser unit. When the diffuser is powered on, the LED will show green color. You can not turn this LED off. Even if you turn off the LED band, which displays multiple colors, this status LED will still be displaying the green color.


URPOWER diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to generate mist. The ceramic atomizer at the bottom of the water reservoir vibrates at very high frequencies and produces mist from water. If any essential oil is also added to the water, it will also be atomized. The benefit of such an approach is that it is simple and does not heat up the water essential oil mixture. This diffusion process preserves all the qualities of essential oils while making it easy to be inhaled.

URPOWER diffuser works on AC Power. The power adapter is rated at 100 – 240V. So URPOWER diffuser will work in most countries. You need to get an adapter for the plug pin. It is worth mentioning that this diffuser does not work on battery power. Hence there is no battery slot or DC input in the diffuser. If you are planning to use this diffuser on a car, then it may not be a good idea.

Apart from this, the diffuser has a color changing LED band running across the perimeter of the diffuser. The band cycles its colors through seven different colors. In each of the colors, there is gradient in the brightness as well. So you can choose the color at a particular gradient level and force the diffuser to display the selected color only.

There are no visible marks of the maximum water level the diffuser can hold. There should have been a red line or something similar. I have seen only one diffuser which has a water level indicator mark, all others have a ridge, which people easily miss.

URPOWER diffuser comes with a built in timer settings. You can choose a timer, up to which the diffuser will work. The timer supports one hour, three hours, six hours and continuous mode. While all other modes are self explanatory, continuous mode enables the diffuser to work continuously without taking any break – till the water lasts. When the water is about to dry out, the diffuser switches off automatically. It must be pointed out that the diffuser produces two beep sounds while turning off.


URPOWER diffuser is easy to operate. You need to fill in water water till the maximum water level mark. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and start the diffuser. You may start the diffuser by pressing the mist button. Please ensure that you do not press the mist button without any water in the reservoir. It may damage the diffuser permanently.

When you press the MIST button, the diffuser starts in one hour timer mode by default. You can press the MIST button once again to change the timer to three hours and once again to six hours. If you press the MIST button once again, the diffuser will switch off. While the diffuser supports timer mode, it lacks an intermittent mode of operation. With 200ml water reservoir, the company claims that the mist will last up to six hours.

The mist comes out through the top vent. The vent, as mentioned earlier, is located on the side of the top lid. There is an option to control the mist output as well. If you press the MIST button long enough, then you can toggle the mist output mode. The aromatherapy diffuser will indicate the new working mode through beep sound. A single beep sound means that the diffuser will work in a HIGH output mode and double beep indicates that the diffuser will work on LOW output mode.


The diffuser is easy to clean, thanks to its minimal design. There are no sections which are hard to reach. Many manufacturers suggest cleaning diffuser once in a week on whenever you change the oil. However, I clean the diffuser after each use. That keeps my essential oil diffusers in good condition.

One important aspect to keep in mind while cleaning the diffuser is not to let water enter the air vent on the side of the reservoir. In case water enters the air vent, the diffuser will not work as expected.

You can use citrus oil with this diffuser, the only thing to remember is to clean it immediately after use. If you forget, it may damage the reservoir and ceramic atomizer.

I use citric acid to clean the inside of the diffuser. It cleans the diffuser thoroughly. While removing the top lid, take care not to spill the condensed water on your furniture. Condensation of water is a reality and we have to live with that. I have not seen any ultrasonic diffuser that does not cause water condensation; however, the degree of condensation varies.

Customer Service

URPOWER is not a new brand. They offer other products, including other models of essential oil diffusers, as well. The company offers 30 days money back guarantee and one year waranty. You can contact the customer service though a number of ways including Amazon, sending email to gdealer [at] 163.com or through their facebook page at www.facebook.com/urpowerdirect

I could see some customers complaining about the product. The company has addressed most of the issues. In fact, I would say that the company has addressed all issues related to malfunctioning of the diffuser.

The diffuser comes with a user manual. The instructions are clear. The manual contains instruction to operate and clean the diffuser. Please follow those instructions carefully.

What works

  • URPOWER has a practical shape
  • Good quality of construction
  • Packs a lot of features in a compact form factor
  • The LED color change is gradual and pleasant
  • Timer mode and MIST output control features work as advertised

What doesn’t work

  • URPOWER diffuser makes beep sound every single time you press the button
  • The diffuser makes beep sound when it shuts down automatically
  • The backlight indicating power status can not be turned off completely

URPOWER Diffuser Review – Final Words

Having used a lot of diffusers, I would call this diffuser a practical diffuser. The shape of the diffuser will not irritate anyone. The timers work well and there is an option to control mist output as well. Insomniac people and kids will find the beep sound and LED backlight disturbing. However, if you can live with these issues, or if you don’t plan to use this diffuser in your bedroom, then this is one of the best diffuser you can buy at this price.

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