NOW Solutions Ultrasonic USB Oil Diffuser Review

Now Solutions Ultrasonic USB Diffuser Review

Essential Oil diffusers were traditionally kept on a flat surface for hours and scent was expected to reach where you sit. That could reduce the efficiency of scent as you would not receive much scent if you sit at a distance. Now, with changing lifestyles, it has become necessary to have a portable aroma diffuser. It is this space that NOW Solutions Ultrasonic USB Oil Diffuser is targeting. A lot of people including myself, work for hours on end in front of the laptop. And while I move around the desks in my office, I lose the aromatherapy benefit. Let us see if NOW Solutions Ultrasonic USB Oil Diffuser can match requirements of a portable diffuser.

Comprehensive Review of NOW Solutions USB Oil Diffuser

What Company Claims

  • Extremely quiet and easy to clean
  • Three color LEDs
  • USB Power connector
  • Up to four hours of operation
  • Auto Shutdown
  • BPA Free
  • 1 year warranty

Package Contents

  • NOW Solutions USB Diffuser
  • USB Cable
  • Instruction Manual

First Impressions

The diffuser looks compact and small. The diffuser works quietly. Being a portable diffuser, one is expected to use this diffuser while at work. So the design and working of the diffuser is non distracting. The mist produced is also of fine quality.


NOW Solutions Ultrasonic USB Oil Diffuser is made using plastic. The plastic is BPA free. The diffuser has two parts-a base unit and a top lid. The top lid is removable. Once you remove the top lid, it will expose the cylindrical shaped water reservoir. The reservoir can hold up to 70 ml of water.

The power connector of the diffuser is at the bottom. There is an air vent at the bottom of the diffuser. The biggest design constraint of a portable diffuser is the size and power consumption of the diffuser. That explains the lower water reservoir capacity of the diffuser.

There is only one physical button on the diffuser. That single button controls the lighting and power states of the diffuser. Please note that the diffuser does not bundle either a power adapter or water measuring cup.


NOW Solutions USB Oil Diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to produce fine mist. This is a technology that produces mist without heating either water or essential oil. There is a piezoelectric crystal at the bottom of the reservoir, which remains in contact with the water in the diffuser. This crystal vibrates at very high frequency producing mist. If you use water soluble essential oils, then essential oils are also atomized by this process. Since this technology uses no moving parts inside the diffuser, the diffuser is almost silent during its operation.

There is a small power connector at the bottom of the diffuser. It is interesting to note that the power connector at the bottom of the diffuser also uses a USB interface. There are limits to the amount of power that a USB port can provide to a connected device. Some USB ports provide as low as 500 mA. This diffuser requires a minimum power of 5V @ 1A. Most modern laptops and mobile phone chargers provide this much power. In case the current delivered by the port is low, the amount of mist produced by the diffuser will be low.

The diffuse also features an LED which can change its colors. The LED displays three colors. There is an option to turn the LED lights off.


Ease of operation is one of the biggest selling points of this diffuser. While the operation is similar to normal ultrasonic diffuser, you must take extra care not to spill water on to the devices you use. This is particularly relevant, in case you use the diffuser on the same desk on which you keep your personal gadgets.

To operate the diffuser, you need to add some water (up to 70ml) in the water reservoir. After adding necessary essential oils and replacing the top lid, you can power on the diffuser. When you press the button, the diffuser starts with mist and LED on. When you press the power button next time, the LED light turns off. In case you press the button once more, the diffuser powers down gracefully.


Cleaning is one of the most important aspects in keeping the diffuser in good working condition. This becomes more relevant in case of portable diffusers. You may not be able to wash your diffuser every day, if you use one at work.

There would be water condensation inside the top lid. While taking the unit out, ensure not to spill water on your valuables. The condensed water and mist contains essential oils. The oil causes damage to wood and other items it could come in contact with. So ensure to wipe off anything immediately, in case of a spill.

Although I clean the diffuser after each use, it is not possible in this case. Thankfully, the company suggests that you need to clean the diffuser only when you change oils. However, this advice should not be taken lightly. The ceramic parts inside the diffuser may get corroded if there are oil deposits on it. And since essential oils are corrosive, it may cause irreversible damage to the piezoelectric ceramic crystal.

You can use an earbud to reach difficult parts inside the diffuser. You may use a clean cloth or a paper towel to wipe the inside of the diffuser. While cleaning the diffuser, utmost care must be taken not to press the ceramic crystal firmly. It may not be feasible to replace the crystal in case it gets damaged. After cleaning, keep the unit in open air to dry.

Customer Care

NOW is an established brand. You can reach the customer care directly through their contact section in their website. Their customer service is responsive and should get back to you without much delay. There is a call center option as well. The number is provided on the user manual.

The user manual contains all details you need to know when you operate the diffuser. It mentions some essential oil recipes as well. The user manual is available online on the product page.

It is important to note that the product carries one year standard warranty. There is no option for extended warranty. It should be remembered that the warranty is offered on a portable device, which itself carries some amount of risk. So, I consider this as a good period.


  • Portable
  • Easy to use USB Interface
  • Long USB cable
  • Up to four hours of operation
  • Fine mist produced by the diffuser


  • No bundled water measuring cup
  • No bundled power adapter
  • Not many features


There are certain times when you want to use a portable essential oil diffuser. NOW Solutions Portable USB Oil Diffuser is a wonderful diffuser that you can carry around. The diffuser promises up to four hours of operation and is sufficient for most needs. Since portable diffusers would be kept closer to you, you would get more benefits from this diffuser. This is a basic diffuser without bells and whistles. I recommend this portable diffuser.

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