Aromatherapy – What is it?

Aromatherapy using essential oils

Aromatherapy is a way of healing using fragrances. For complex diseases, it best used as a complementary therapy. Aromatherapy uses oil extracts from plants. Such oils, known as essential oils, contain essence of the source plants.


Many use aromatherapy because of its natural power to change the mood. Upon inhalation, the aroma of the natural oils helps in relaxing. This feel good factor is the biggest benefit of using aromatherapy. In addition, people working in tense environments find it useful. Essential oils are not safe for animals.


Most ancient civilizations used essential oils for healing in one way or other. Reference of such uses are found in Chinese, Indian, Egyptian and Greek cultures. In the modern world, its usage as an alternate method of treatment, started in Europe.

Carrier Oils

Besides inhalation, essential oils find their use in direct application on human body. Although, a few oils can be applied on the skin without diluting. To dilute essential oils, use of water or other oils are common. Use of another oil, termed as carrier oil, can dilute essential oil. Sweet almond oil and coconut oil are common carrier oils.

Modes of application

Essential oils are used in many ways for aromatherapy. Three common methods are:

  1. Diffusion: An appliance can spread the oil into the air in tiny parts. People in the surrounding areas inhale these parts in the air.
  2. Direct inhalation: Small quantities of oil are inhaled. Typical usages include treatment for respiratory problems and as mood enhancers.
  3. Direct application: It varies by the oil. Some oils like tea tree have proven anti-bacterial, anti-virus and anti-fungus properties. People use the diluted tea tree oil as a disinfectant. Tea tree oil has other use cases. Different oils have different properties and hence have different use cases.

Benefits of aromatherapy

  1. Completely natural way of healing. It means that, aromatherapy is generally free from side-effects.
  2. It works even while you are sleeping. You don’t need to dedicate time for aromatherapy. Saves your time. Always.
  3. Many uses. An essential oil will find many uses in your home. Look at the previous mention of tea tree oil as an example. Hence, it provides more value for your money.


  1. Use of essential oils, in undiluted form, is fatal. This is because of the high concentration of pure organic substance in the oil.
  2. Animals are sensitive to essential oils in both diluted and undiluted forms. Although many people use it at their home, it is better to keep animals away from the oil.