Quooz Rockano Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Quooz Rockano Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Quooz Rockano Diffuser Humidifier Review


Quooz positions itself as a premium brand among other essential oil diffusers in the market. Their products are not cheap, yet they are affordable with a premium. Their products have a reputation of good quality and build. You must ensure that you use a good quality essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy. In this review, I take a close look at Quooz Rockano Diffuser and Humidifier. Let us see how it performs, outside the manufacturer’s lab conditions.


  • 200 ml water reservoir
  • Up to 10 hours running capacity
  • Two different modes of operation
  • Comes with a LED light
  • 12 Months manufacturer warranty

Package Contents

  • Quooz Rockano Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Power Adapter
  • User manual

First Impressions

This is one of the diffusers I have been longing to review. I heard a lot of things from a friend of mine, and always wanted to buy one. Incidentally, I happened to visit his home. I spent a few hours to take a look at the diffuser and take some notes. I took his inputs as well. The device looked odd to me, but when he turned it on, I was astonished by the performance. The mist was coming out of the diffuser in a steady pace. Although, Quooz advertises Rockano diffuser as a humidifier cum diffuser, it works really like the latter and not former. The strength of the mist output from a humidifier should be much more and water reservoir should be of a larger capacity.


Quooz Rockano Diffuser has a shape of a big rock, or rather, a volcano. It does not suit everyone’s taste; however, if you like it then the chances are that you will love the diffuser. The diffuser has an all plastic construction. The plastic used to make the interior are all BPA free and does not pose any danger to your health. The diffuser has two main parts, a top lid and a base unit.

The top lid can be easily removed and does not click into the base unit. The inside has many layers of plastic; however what you notice prominently is the cone shaped plastic inside. The size of the cone is just apt for it to sit on top of the base unit. The cone ensures that the condensed water falls back safe to the reservoir without any spill. There is a nozzle on the top of the lid. The mist comes out through this nozzle. The outside of the top lid has an acrylic construction. In fact, the outer shell is available in three colors – toffee, peach and blue. It looks like the toffee color is no longer available either in Amazon or in Quooz website.

The base unit reservoir has a capacity of 200 ml water.The top lid has a busy inside. In addition, the base unit houses all the switches and electronic circuitry as well. There is a ridge line running inside the water reservoir. This line indicates maximum water level up to which you can fill the diffuser. Unfortunately, there are no printed marks which shows the line. Unlike many other diffusers in the market, Rockano diffuser has dedicated buttons for each function.


Quooz Rockano diffuser works using well known ultrasonic atomizing of water drops. There is a ceramic atomizer beneath the bottom of the diffuser which generates high frequency vibrations capable of atomizing water and essential oils. The diffuser accepts AC power (110V – 240V, 60/50 Hz). The plug supplied with the essential oil diffuser unit is of North American type. In case you want to take it to another country, you may procure another plug adapter. The diffuser does not have a battery slot; hence, it won’t work in a wireless mode. The power adapter connects to the bottom of the diffuser. There is an air intake vent at the bottom of the device.

The diffuser does not have color changing option. It however features a varying light intensity mode. This mode mimics our breathing. The intensity of the light increases gradually and then decrease gradually. You have the option of locking the intensity at anytime during this variation. Pressing the lighting button when light is at your preferred intensity locks the intensity variation. It is worth mentioning that the light coming from the diffuser is white and the top lid just passes the light through. Since the color of the light is not native, it appears as a big white light source, from a distance.

Rockano diffuser features two modes of mist output – high and low. Pressing the high button increases the mist output while, low button decreases it. There is a power button which turns the diffuser off. However, the power button can not be used to power the diffuser on, once you switch it off. In case you want to turn the diffuser on again, you have to switch off the power supply and then switch it back.


Rockano diffuser is easy to operate. While filling the diffuser, you must ensure that the water level does not exceed the ridge line. Just keep the water shy of the ridge line. Add a few drops of  your favorite essential oil and turn the diffuser on. The diffuser does not start working till you press any button. Press the light button to adjust the intensity of light, or to turn it off completely.

The diffuser features an auto shutoff mode. When the water in the reservoir runs out, the diffuser turns off automatically. When the diffuser turns off, it neither flashes light nor produces a beep sound to warn you. While some people like such features, many people do not find it useful. Insomniac people and kids would appreciate this. Since this diffuser does not disturb you while switching off, you can keep the diffuser in your bedroom.

The diffuser promises a run time of up to five hours on high mist mode and ten hours on low mode. In my repeated tests, I got close to four hours on high mode and up to nine hours on low mode. When the diffuser works in high mode, the mist throw is high. You can notice that the mist shoots up all the way up. In low mode, the mist reaches up to one feet high. I did not notice any puddle at the bottom of the diffuser even after overnight operation of the diffuser.


Regular cleaning is the mantra to keep your diffuser in good shape. I clean each of my diffuser after use. I do not postpone it to weekend. There are many companies which suggest cleaning the diffuser once in a week.

You need to clean the inside and outside of the diffuser. Cleaning the outside is easy. Just use warm water or diluted vinegar and wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel. Please make sure not to dip the diffuser in water. It will permanently damage the diffuser and electronics inside. To clean the inside, I use diluted citric acid. I keep it in the reservoir for about 10 minutes and then empty the reservoir.

The cleaning requirements varies according to the essential oil you use as well. In case you use citrus essential oils, then it is mandatory to clean the water reservoir with mild soap and water immediately after use. For other essential oils, you need not clean the water reservoir immediately. Yet, it is a good habit to clean it after each use.

When you clean the diffuser, you should watch out for any sediments inside the reservoir or any dirt build up. Some people might see white deposits inside, which is caused by dissolved minerals in the water. Those people can use distilled water to operate. It is worth mentioning that Qooz recommends using tap water inside the device. It goes without saying that the water should be clean. And, it is worth mentioning that the power connector at the bottom of the essential oil diffuser poses some challenge while you take the diffuser out for cleaning. If there is residual water inside, there is a chance that the water may fall on the furniture while you connect the diffuser.

Customer Care

Quooz provides customer service through their website and Amazon. On their website, you can use the contact us page to reach them. They have given an email id and a phone number to reach them. I have not seen many complaints about the product on Amazon reviews. To those who raised complaints, the company has suggested to contact Amazon customer support using code 11011. Most people seem to be very happy with the services of the company. Given the product quality, there should not be many instances where you need to ring up the support section. That is one of the benefits of paying a premium for a good product.

What you will like

  • Quiet operation
  • Good running time
  • Separate physical buttons for each function
  • The light transition is smooth and does not distract you

What you may not like

  • Only 12 months warranty
  • No timer, intermittent mode
  • Not much difference between high mist and low mist mode
  • The light appears to be white and not taking the color of the lid
  • The power button can not be used to restart the diffuser after shutdown

Final Words

At the end of this review, I must say that I am impressed by the diffuser. It lived up to the hype created by my friend and I could see “I told you so” smile on his face. Although, Rockano diffuser is a bit expensive compared to similar products, the essential diffuser offers a good build quality and stellar performance in return. Another factor that impressed me was the absence of  blinking or beeping when the diffuser auto shuts off. Overall, this is one of the best choice for a basic all night diffuser. You can not go wrong with the diffuser.

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