InnoGear Bamboo Diffuser Review

InnoGear Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser Review

InnoGear Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser is a new product in the market. InnoGear, the manufacturer, introduced InnoGear Bamboo diffuser in the year 2016. Even though this a late entrant in the market, it has made a good reputation among essential oil diffuser users. One of my friends suggested me this product. A look at the best performing essential oil diffusers in the market includes InnoGear Bamboo Diffuser as well. I have prepared this review after using this item for more than a month. Let us take a look at the diffuser and its performance.

InnoGear Bamboo Diffuser Comprehensive Review

What Company Claims

  • Diffuser made of natural materials, free from BPA
  • Continuous and Intermittent mist modes
  • Timer function: 1 hour / 2 hour
  • Safe auto switch off
  • Color changing LED (7 colors) with preferred color selection
  • Helps fight allergies and remove bad odors
  • Up to 8 hours of working time on continuous mode and 15 hours on intermittent mode
  • 12 months product guarantee plus six moths extended warranty up on registration

Package Contents

  • InnoGear Real Bamboo Diffuser
  • Measuring Cup
  • Adapter
  • User Manual

Real World Performance

First Impressions

When you try to order this device, the first thing you notice is the lack of color choice. After all, bamboos doesn’t offer much color choice. The natural bamboo as the outer shell of the diffuser is a real plus point. This compact diffuser packs a lot of features. The diffuser started to emit mist immediately after powering the diffuser on. The diffuser works without making much sound and stayed quiet. The user manual for this device comes with some recipies for aromatherapy as well. Be sure to read through the manual and keep it safe, so that you may refer to it later.


The outer shell of InnoGear Bamboo Diffuser is made of natural bamboo. The inside of the diffuser is made of plastic, which is BPA free. There is a top lid, which covers the diffuser. The top lid consists of a bamboo shaped part and a plastic part. There is a small nozzle for the mist to come out. The lid does not screw on to the base unit; it comes off when you remove it.

The power connector of this device is at the bottom. It makes sense in this case, to put the power connector at the bottom of the diffuser. The diffuser is capable of working with both 110 V / 60 Hz and 230 V / 50 Hz power supplies. However, there is no battery slot in the device and hence it can not be battery operated. There are two button cum LED indicator lights on the front of the device. One of the button is for mist control and other one is for light control.

The LED light produced by the diffuser is stable and strong. But it is not enough to disturb you while you sleep. So, this diffuser is safe to be used inside kids’ bedroom.


There is a lot to talk about technology in InnoGear Bamboo diffuser, because the device comes packed with a lot of features. Like most other diffusers, InnoGear Bamboo diffuser uses ultrasonic frequencies to produce mist. There is an electronic circuitry inside the diffuser, that produces high frequency waves. These waves are such that, it changes water oil mixture to mist, spreading the aroma.

The diffuser has many features which are quite useful. The diffuser has an intermittent mode of operation, can work in timer mode, has auto switch off mode, can lock the LED light to a chosen color. It is worthwhile pointing out that the diffuser does not produce any beep sound at any stage of operation. You know about the status of the diffuser through the LED colors. Even when the diffuser auto shuts due to water shortage, it does not make any sound.

The instruction manual advices the customers to use purified for distilled water. Most diffusers work with tap water if it is clean.


The diffuser is easy to operate. Take the water in the measuring cup, fill the reservoir, add essential oil and switch on the diffuser. You need to press the left button for the device to start producing mist. The diffuser starts working almost immediately after the initial press of the button. You can change the working mode using the buttons, as I mentioned in the previous section. There is a marking inside the diffuser indicating maximum water level up to which you can fill. You should be careful not to overfill the diffuser. If you overfill the diffuser, it may not work as expected. Always use quality essential oils in the diffuser. I use Majestic Pure Lavender Essential Oil.

When you turn the device on, you would see the left LED turning yellow. This means that the diffuser is working in continuous mist mode, which is self explanatory. On the second press, the LED turns red. It means that the diffuser is working in an intermittent mode. In this mode, InnoGear Real Bamboo essential oil diffuser works for 10 seconds and stops for another 10 seconds. This cycle continues. There is no option to change the timer settings to, say 30 seconds.

On the third press, the diffuser leaves intermittent mode and works in timer mode. In this particular case, the LED indicator turns blue and the diffuser works for one hour in continuous mode. When you press the button once more (fourth press), the diffuser enters two hour mode. If you press the button once more, the diffuser powers down.

You may recall that there is a lighting option built into the diffuser. There is an LED strip that emits light when the diffuser is switched on. When the diffuser is powered on, the LED light cycles though seven different colors. If you press the right side button once more, the diffuser will stay on the current color displayed. The diffuser will continue to display the same color till the diffuser switches off.


InnoGear Bamboo diffuser uses a bamboo shell outside. This creates some issues with cleaning. Your hand will not reach inside the diffuser while cleaning the unit. You need to use a brush that can reach inside the diffuser walls and clean any deposits or dirt which might have accumulated inside the diffuser. I clean my diffusers after every use.

The user manual contains detailed instructions on cleaning the diffuser. You need to follow those instructions. When I took the diffuser away for cleaning, I had to detach the diffuser from the power cable. This is not a problem if the water reservoir is empty. However, if the reservoir contains water, then it becomes a little difficult to remove the power cable without spilling water from the reservoir. Be sure to clean the ceramic ultrasonic atomizer with a cotton swab, following instructions in the manual.

I suggest keeping cloth towel on the furniture before removing the top lid of the diffuser. This would avoid any condensed water from falling on the furniture. While some types of wood are resistant to water, it is always safer to keep a cloth. The fluid inside the diffuser is not just any water, it contains essential oils. So I would not suggest you to risk your furniture. The company has clearly mentioned condensation in the user manual.

Customer Care

The diffuser comes with a 12 months guarantee. Other competing products offer up to 24 months warranty. However, this diffuser is offering guarantee and, they are open to requests for replacement or refund during the period. This fact is clearly mentioned in the user manual. In addition to this, the company is offering extended six months warranty if you register the diffuser with them. So don’t forget to register and claim the extended warranty offered for free. The customer care telephone number and email address are clearly mentioned in the user manual. It is noteworthy that the user manual is available online as well. Their website also does feature a exchange/refund/warranty section where you can fill up the purchase details and the company will get back to you.

I have seen a few customer complaints on Amazon. The company has tried to address all the issues raised by the customers on Amazon.

Where it scores

  • Made of natural bamboo and BPA free plastic
  • Many useful features like timer, intermittent mode
  • Up to 8/15 hours of operating time on continous/intermittent mode
  • 12 months product guarantee and six months extended warranty

Where it falls short

  • The LED indicator buttons on the device lacks quality
  • Need purified / distilled water for operation. It is clearly mentioned in the user manual.
  • With just two buttons to control all settings, you would need a lot of button presses to operate the unit.

Final Words

InnoGear Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser was a real surprise package for me. Although I am a minimalist, I loved all the features provided by the manufacturer of this aromatherapy oil diffuser. With pleasing lighting and effective diffuser packed into a single piece of hardware, this diffuser will not disappoint you. InnoGear Bamboo diffuser has a lot of features and it tries to please everyone somehow. The only aspect I have found disappointing in this diffuser is the quality of buttons. The buttons have a tendency to get stuck. It could be a problem with the particular batch of device I have received. Anyway, I have not experienced any problem yet.

I will surely recommend this diffuser to anyone looking for a decent all night aromatherapy diffuser. You can keep this diffuser even in your bedroom and be rest assured that it will not wake you up in the middle of the night with either a flashing light or a beep sound.

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