Deneve Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Deneve Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Deneve Riverock is an essential oil diffuser made by Deneve. The company was started in early 2013. Riverock essential oil diffuser, was well received in the aromatherapy diffuser market. It seems that the product got its name because, the product looks like a rounded river pebble. In this review, we take a look at the product in detail. There is an updated version of Deneve Riverock essential oil diffuser. They fixed a few issues in the previous design to plug any water leakage.

Deneve Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser Review

What Company Claims

  • 100 ml water reservoir capacity
  • Four to five hours run-time at full water capacity
  • 250 square feet coverage
  • No physical buttons
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Package Contents

  • Deneve Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Measuring Cup
  • AC Adapter
  • User Manual

Real World Performance of Riverock Diffuser

First Impressions

The first thing that impresses me was the shape of the product. It is not a common shape for any consumer product. It has a lovely design. So there is no dobut that you will like the product design. Another thing which surprised me, when I checked the product on Amazon was the lack of any physical buttons on the device. The device is quiet too.


The device is well built. It has an all plastic construction, like most other diffusers. It certainly does not look and feel cheap. The diffuser is made of BPA free, medical grade plastic. There is an LED band that goes around the body of the device. The band is not that wide, but it is enough to make its presence known. Since the device has an unusual shape, the build of the device is complex as well. The dimensions of the diffuser are 6.9″ x 4.6″ x 3.2″. The diffuser is available in two colors – black and white.

Riverock diffuser is a single unit with just one cover over the water reservoir. You fill water into the reservoir by removing the top cover. It is easy to remove the top cover; there is no mechanism to snap it into the unit. Deneve says that this design decision was made so that people could remove the cover with ease. The company has preferred a short cover to a longer one, to avoid the problems related to tipping over the cover or in a worse case – the entire unit.

Having said that, I must mention that the diffuser unit seats perfectly on a flat surface. Rubber feet at the bottom ensure that the diffuser does not fall off by accident. However, you must be vigilant about pets or kids, who may topple down the entire unit.

There is a ridge inside the reservoir, which acts as a marker for maximum water capacity. However, I could not see any maximum water level indication mark inside the reservoir. The power connector of the device is at the back of the diffuser. The diffuser accepts 100 – 240 V power supply. Although the company says that there are no buttons on the device, the back portion of the device acts as a button. The light band separates the top panel and the button portion of the device. There is a printed sticker at the back of the device, just above the logo, with words “PRESS DOWN FIRMLY HERE”.


Deneve Riverock Essential Oil diffuser does not have lot of features. Deneve has designed this product to be a simple and easy to use diffuser, which does its job really well. The only two features are auto shutdown and color changing LED light bands. When the LED light band lights up, it cycles through some colors. The emitted colors are baby blue, short burst of pink / lilac, red, purple, dark blue, light blue, green and short burst of yellow. Like most other units, this diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to atomize the fluid mixture. A ceramic disc inside the diffuser produces the ultrasonic waves. The diffuser produces cold mist, which is safe to use with essential oils.

The diffuser dispenses with features like intermittent mode and timer mode. Yet, the diffuser has a light band that changes its color. You can set a color of your choice and keep that color till the diffuser shuts down. The diffuser does not produce a beep sound. This is true when the diffuser switches off or you press the back of the unit to make change any settings. It is worthwhile, to note that one has to use body button to select the color changing or to switch the device off. The company suggests you to fill only adequate water to get the effect of timer. Say, you want to operate the diffuser for two hours; in that case, just fill the reservoir to half the capacity.

Riverock essential oil diffuser makes some bubbling sound. It is bound to happen as it is a side effect of the technology used. No ultrasonic diffuser can be completely silent. Yet, the sound you hear can be controlled with good acoustic insulation. This diffuser insulates the sound well.


Deneve Riverock essential oil diffuser is easy to operate. You need to remove the top cover and fill the water in the reservoir first. Then you may add essential oil of your choice. You may add a single oil or a blend of many oils. Replace the cover and press the right area to switch the diffuser on. The diffuser starts working almost immediately. Once the diffuser starts working, you can see the mist coming out through the nozzle.

Always use clean water for diffusion. You should use distilled water in case water available at your place is hard. You can use most of the aroma essential oils in this diffuser. If you are wondering whether you can use citrus oil, the answer is yes. Citrus oil can be used as a standalone oil or mixed with your favorite carrier oil.

The LED band changes its colors automatically when you switch the diffuser on. In case, you want the diffuser to stay on a particular color, press the area when you see that color. The selected color will stay on the band until you switch the diffuser off. Pressing the area again would turn off the color display. However, the mist production will continue. You may switch off the device by pressing the area once more. Deneve does not call this area as a button, yet that area acts like one.


When you use citrus oil, you need to clean the diffuser immediately after the use. While using other essential oils, the company suggests that you need to clean Deneve Riverock essential oil diffuser on a weekly basis. But I suggest you clean the diffuser every day. Even if it is not possible to clean immediately after the use, clean it on the same day. You can use mild soap and water, or weak vinegar water solution to clean the surface. Use citric acid or warm water to clean the water reservoir. Rinse well with the solution of warm water or diluted citric acid. Wipe using a paper towel. Do not immerse the base unit into water. You may, however, immerse the cover and clean it in water.

Customer Care

Deneve’s website has a contact us page. The page contains a form which you can submit. However, they have not mentioned how long will it take for them to get back to you. There is no phone number on which you can contact them either. On the other side, I have seen one of their co-founders, Nancy, answering a few questions on Amazon. It certainly does help to instill confidence in the company. And, she has mentioned in one of her answers that you can contact the company on [email protected] email address with your Amazon order ID.

The company has responded to all complaints customers have raised in a similar fashion. It has issued refunds or provided free replacements to all those who complained about the product. Deneve offers 12 months standard warranty on this product. Many competing products offer up to 24 months warranty on their products.


Deneve Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser is an excellent aromtherapy diffuser that just works. All the things this diffuse does are pretty standard. There are no exclusive features in this diffuser, apart from the design. It does not have many features. However, this diffuser does its primary job, diffusion, very well. The diffuser does not make much sound either. It is safe to keep Riverock diffuser in your bedroom; although, it will not last the entire night.

It does not make beep sound when you change settings or when it shuts down when the reservoir is empty. The plastic is of good quality. You can turn off the light from LED band. The design of the diffuser may give an impression that the diffuser will not stay stable. Yet, the diffuser is super stable on a rigid surface and is better than many other diffusers. The mist output is also stable and tends to reduce only when the water reservoir is about to dry up. I could not see any puddle on the furniture after the use.

It is a bit difficult to turn on if you keep the diffuser on a soft surface like bed. This is an outcome of the “no physical button” choice the company has made. Another thing to watch out for is the leakage from sides when the reservoir is full. The water may not stay calm, especially when you take it to another place. For this reason, I do not use this diffuser on my car. This diffuser is a perfect fit for a small room.

I would recommend this diffuser to anyone who wants a diffuser that just works and does not need night long mist output.

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