Homasy Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Homasy Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Aromatherapy is a great way to relax your mind. For people who regularly use aromatherapy, it is very important to use good quality essential oils. Most people who use aromatherapy use an aromatherapy diffuser to permeate the scent. Hence, it is very important to use a good quality diffuser for your diffusing needs. Just like a good essential oil can lift you mood, a bad diffuser can ruin the entire experience and leave you frustrated. Homasy Essential Oil Diffuser (200 ml) is one of the leading diffusers in use today. They have received a warm welcome from the market ever since they introduced their this product in 2016. In this review, I take a look at how the diffuser is working and if it is worth you spend your time and money on this product.

Homasy Essential Oil Diffuser Comprehensive Review

What Company Claims

  • 200 ml water reservoir capacity
  • Seven color LED changing lamp
  • Auto Shutoff
  • Three hour timer and continuous mode

Package Contents

  • Homasy Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Power Adapter
  • Water measuring cup
  • User Manual

First Impressions

Before buying this product, I was a bit confused after searching Amazon. Search for Homasy Essential Oil Diffuser brought up two different items. First one was a humidifier and the other was the product we are reviewing now. When I searched for reviews online, I could see that many people have reviewed the humidifier thinking it as a diffuser. Anyway, the diffuser looks nice. It has a squarish shape, while most other diffusers are round. The diffuser has a wood grain finish on the top unit and bottom portion. The diffuser is quiet, not making its presence known with the sound it produces. The device looks nice, but it does miss a classic look of some other units. Beyond looks, what matters is the functionality. Let us check if the unit performs diffusing functions well.


Homasy Aromatherapy Diffuser has a complete plastic construction, despite the wooden grain look. The diffuser has two parts. The top unit and the base unit. The top unit is removable and has only a nozzle for mist output. The base unit is where all the action happens. The base unit houses all the electronic circuitry and water reservoir. There are small feet on the bottom of the diffuser that keeps the diffuser off the furniture. There is padding at the bottom of the feet. These feet provide them with enough space to “breathe” – yes there is an air intake vent on the bottom of the diffuser. The dimensions of the product are 4.7″ (L) x 4.7″ (W) x 8.27″ (H). The package weights 1.1 pounds.

The power adapter connects to the bottom of the diffuser. This is a major inconvenience while you try to clean the diffuser with leftover water. The adapter connects firmly to the power socket, which is a good thing; however, it makes it trivial to disconnect the adapter from the base unit with water filled in. In case the diffuser is empty, it does not cause much issues. The diffuser must be connected to the power outlet to work. The diffuser does not have an option to use battery power.

The base unit has two physical buttons. One button (right) controls power and mist timer. The buttons has icons engraved on them. The other button (left) controls lighting. The plastic construction facilitates the use if this diffuser as night light. The diffuser can not be used a standalone night light. The diffuser shuts off automatically when the water reservoir is empty. The water reservoir has 200 ml capacity. There is an indicator outside the reservoir, in red ink, showing the maximum water level capacity of the reservoir.


Homasy Essential Oil diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to diffuse water and essentail oil mixture. You can see a small round opening inside the water reservoir. The ceramic atomizer inside that opening vibrates at high frequency when powered on. These high frequency vibrations are enough to turn water molecules and essential oil into mist. The diffusing action is instant. The company suggests that you should fill water up to maximum level mark. If the water is less, the company claims, that the mist produced would be more. Now, that underlines a key weakness of the diffuser. The ceramic ultrasonic unit is underpowered.

The diffuser features a single timer mode. In the timer mode, the diffuser works for three hours. You can not adjust the timer settings to a lower or higher period. When the diffuser is working in timer mode, you would notice a red color between two physical buttons. This red color is an indication of the diffuser working in timer mode. In addition to this, there is a continuous mode in which the diffuser works continuously till the reservoir is empty. When the diffuser is empty, it shuts down automatically.

Homasy aromatherapy diffuser has a night light mode with changing colors. It cycles through seven different colors and even allows you to set a preferred color till the device switches off. There is an option to switch off the light too. The left button controls the lighting features. When you switch on the diffuser, the colors start to change. When you press the button once more, the current displayed color stays on. If you press the switch for a two seconds, then the light display turns off. Please note that the diffuser forgets all the current settings like timer/continuous mode, preferred color etc., when the diffuser is switched off.


The diffuser is easy to operate. The top unit comes off easily. It does not snap to the base unit. Just lift it. Take water in the measuring cup and fill the reservoir. Add five to seven drops of essential oil. Put the top unit back and power on the diffuser. Be sure to not to overfill the diffuser, as it would produce less mist.

Always use clean water to refill the reservoir. Some people use distilled water to operate the diffuser. That is not really required unless the available tap water is hard. The amount of scent you get depends on various factors, some of which are outside the control of the diffuser. Things like ambient temperature, height of the ceiling etc. affect the perception of the aroma. In case you feel that the diffuser emits less scent, make sure that the oil itself is water soluble. If the oil floats on water, then the oil will atomize fast and you will not receive the scent after a few minutes.

As I mentioned earlier, the top lid of the diffuser does not lock to the base unit. This means that you have to keep the diffuser on a hard surface and away from kids and pets. If the diffuser falls down by any chance with full water, then it may cause damage to the diffuser and water may spill. Essential oils are not suitable for internal consumption. Hence, it becomes all important to ensure that kids are pets do not come in contact with this unit.


Homasy diffuser must be cleaned regularly to keep the diffuser in good shape. Regular cleaning ensures that the diffuser works for longer periods without any problem. You may use citric acid once in a week to clean the inside of the reservoir. I know a few ladies who mix vinegar and water and distill the mixture for 10 minutes. I clean the diffuser after each use. To clean the outside, you can use diluted vinegar.

While cleaning the diffuser, you should check if there are some sediments deposited in the bottom part of the reservoir. Also, check if there is dirt inside. Detecting such problems early can avoid a lot of issues. When you take the diffuser after it using it for sometime, you should take the diffuser away to a wash basin or keep the diffuser on a piece of cloth. Otherwise, condensed water may spill when you open the top lid to clean the diffuser.

Customer Care

I could not find the website of Homasy on Google search. The first result turned up was their Facebook page. The seller on the Amazon for this product is VicTsing. They sell products on Amazon under the name VicTsing as well. So I assume that this is a brand of VicTsing. Their Facebook page mentions that Homasy belongs to VicTsing. Anyway, the customer service looks awesome. I could see the company addressing all the issues raised on Amazon. They have attended all the problems raised by their customers. Even people who returned the diffuser were happy with the kind of service the company extended.

Even their Facebook page, has no options to reach out to the customer support. I could understand from the comments on Amazon that the email address to reach out to the customer care is [email protected]. Yes, that is an address provided by GMail. I think the company could have spent a few bucks more and got a branded email address.

On the warranty side, the company offers one year warranty on Homsay Essential Oil Diffuser. You may contact the customer care on the email address I mentioned, or on Amazon to claim your warranty. I expect the company to put their warranty and customer care contact details prominently on the Amazon product description.

Final Words

This is a small, yet efficient diffuser for a small room. Although, the capacity of the diffuser is 200 ml, I managed to get only five hours on an average. There are 100 ml diffusers in the market that runs for five to six hours on an average. So, it means that the diffuser output is high, compared to 100 ml models or much of the mist is condensed inside the top lid. So I decided to check if there was more condensation inside. It turned out to be true, there is more condensation inside, but not much.

So what are the use cases? The light emitted by the diffuser is bright. If you plan to keep this diffuser in your bedroom, then be sure that you are not disturbed by light during your sleep. You can turn off the light display completely too. The company says that the diffuser will spread the scent in an area up to 250 square feet. However, I find that it is more suitable for up to 175 square feet. The diffuser is quiet and you can use it at most places. The customer support is awesome, from what I can glean from the reviews on Amazon.


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