ZAQ Dew Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser Review

ZAQ Dew Ultrasonic Electric Diffuser Review

ZAQ is a company that has an extensive range of aromatherapy products. The company was founded in 2011, when aromatherapy was a luxury of a few people. They company, since its inception, introduced many products including aromatherapy diffusers and essential oils, in the market . In this review, we will take a look at one of their popular aromatherapy diffuser – ZAQ Dew Electric Diffuser.

ZAQ Dew Electric Diffuser Comprehensive Review

What Company Claims

  • Four hours operating time with just 80 ml of water
  • Energy efficient (12 W power usage) with auto shut off
  • Mid size diffuser
  • LiteMist technology spreads essential oils silently
  • Contemporary sleek design

Package Contents

  • ZAQ Dew Diffuser – 1 Nos
  • Measuring Cup – 1 Nos
  • AC Power Adapter – 1 No
  • User Manual – 1 No

First Impressions

The company claims that the diffuser has a the shape of a dew. Yes, it has that shape, but not quite. The diffuser is well constructed. The plastic is made of good quality material. Something which drew my attention was the presence of a just single button on the diffuser. Whenever, I see a diffuser without much buttons, I know that it is a basic diffuser. I like basic diffusers. Efficient essential oil diffusion is the only thing that matters. Having said that, let us take a close look at the diffuser itself, in detail.


As you may recall, the build quality of the diffuser is excellent. The entire unit has plastic construction. The company claims that the plastic used is BPA free. The shape of the diffuser resembles that of a dew. However, I must confess that I have seen diffusers with more resemblance to dew than this diffuser. Like most other diffusers, this diffuser also comes with a base unit and a top lid. You can remove the top lid with ease. It does not snap to the base unit.

The base unit of the diffuser houses water reservoir. The capacity of the reservoir is small, at only 80 ml. There is a ridge along the water reservoir indicating the maximum water level, up to which you may fill the diffuser. Like most other diffusers, you cannot take out the reservoir for cleaning. At the bottom of the diffuser, you can see the ceramic piezoelectric material, which is the heart of the diffuser unit.

The top surface of the base unit is concave. Water may remain in this area, even after cleaning. So you must ensure drying of the base unit. There is an air vent on the top side of the base unit. The power adapter connects to the base unit at the bottom. There are a few pores on the bottom side portion of the diffuser. These pores ensure air circulation for the electronic circuitry on the base unit. The diffuser comes in two colors – black and white.


Zaq dew diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to diffuse essential oils. The ceramic part inside the reservoir acts as the heart of the diffuser. When electricity is applied to this component, it vibrates at very high frequencies. The vibrations at high frequencies atomizes water drops and essential oils added to the water reservoir.

The diffuser works on electricity. This electric diffuser uses AC power and does not work on batteries. There is only one button on the diffuser. This single button controls the lighting and powering of the diffuser unit. You cannot expect more functions in an entry level diffuser. The diffuser features changing LED lights as well. You can choose an continuous cycling display of different colors, select a single color or even turn off the color display completely.

There is a light ring around the switch. This light ring cannot be turned off.


ZAQ dew diffuser is easy to operate, just like any other ultrasonic diffuser. To operate the diffuser, take water in the measuring cup up to the 80 ml mark. I would use a tad less water. Add a couple of drops of favorite essential oil. I use Majestic Lavender Essential Oil, personally. Plug in the diffuser, place the top lid back and power on the diffuser. The diffuser starts producing mist, almost immediately. You can enjoy quiet operation of the diffuser. There are a few things which you must ensure before operating the diffuser.

You may use regular clean tap water to operate the diffuser. In case you feel that the water is hard, then use distilled water instead of tap water.

First, you must read through the user manual. The user manual is not super long and reading will consume only a couple of minutes of your time. Second, you must ensure not to overfill the diffuser. The company clearly mentions that overfilling of the diffuser may reduce the mist output. In addition, it is worth noting that overfilling may damage the ceramic part of the diffuser. Third, you should clean the diffuser at regular intervals. The details of cleaning the diffuser are given in the next section.


Cleaning the diffuser is important. The way you clean the diffuser is way more important than just cleaning the diffuser. Regular cleaning of the diffuser ensures that the unit does not break due to accumulation of dust or dirt inside the diffuser.

The first thing you should check for, while cleaning the diffuser is for accumulation of white substances inside the reservoir. In certain cases, you may notice deposits of some dissolved minerals inside the diffuser. It is important to remove any such deposits as early as possible.

Second, you should check for any dirt build up inside the diffuser. It may be due to dry essential oils. You may use a dry cloth to wipe any such dirt inside the diffuser. The company recommends regular cleaning of the diffuser. They suggest cleaning diffuser whenever you change the essential oil or once in three days, whichever is earlier. It is a sensible suggestion, although I recommend cleaning the diffuser daily.

In addition, it is suggested to deep clean the diffuser at regular intervals. You may refer to a detailed guide on cleaning essential oil diffuser.

Customer Care

With almost six years of experience in the field of aromatherapy, ZAQ is an established brand in this segment. Having said that, there are instances where your expectations may not be met by the diffuser. Customer service comes handy in such situations.

An important aspect in maintaining expectations is to have a good warranty support. ZAQ dew diffuser offers one year limited warranty on the product. In my opinion, it is disappointing. There are diffusers in the market, which offers longer periods of warranty. Some products offer up to 24 months warranty. For me, warranty is a measure of manufacturer’s confidence in the product. It is worth noting that the company warranty covers only manufacturing defects. It does not cover defects caused during normal operation of the diffuser.

Apart from this, the company provides a handbook for users as well. The handbook is detailed. However, there are certain areas where it falls short, like copy editing. However, that does not affect the functionality of the diffuser.

I could not find a contact number to reach the manufacturer of the diffuser. The company website, however, offers contacting them using a form on their contact page. Once you submit a query, they should get back to you in a couple of days.


  • Product from a known brand
  • Silent Operation
  • Power usage is minimal
  • Disperses mist well


  • Bright blue light around the power button, cannot be switched off
  • The product is expensive for a minimalist product
  • Just one year limited warranty


ZAQ dew diffuser, with its minimalist approach, is an attempt to attract new users. The diffuser does not come with a lot of bells and whistles. In fact, most bells and whistles confuse people. The product does not try to do too much. In fact, the diffuser sticks to the basics well. And, it performs well in that area – the diffusion itself. However, that performance comes at a price. I must admit that I have reviewed better diffusers at a cheaper price point. However, such diffusers do lack the style coefficient, which this diffuser has. If you are in the market for an entry level diffuser, this is a good diffuser to choose.

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