QUOOZ Lull Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Quooz Lull Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Lull is an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser made by Quooz. Quooz Lull essential oil diffuser is certainly not a cheap unit when you compare it with other units available in the market. Yet, this diffuser is certainly one of the most selling unit out there in the market. So, in this review, I take a look at the offering by Quooz and see how it positions itself among other products in the market.

Quooz Lull Essential Oil Diffuser Comprehensive Review

What the company claims

  • Ultra High Capacity – 200 ml capacity
  • Up to 8 – 10 hours of operating time
  • Auto Shut off – When water runs low
  • Suited for night use – Safety, energy efficiency and peace of mind
  • Soothing light – can vary brightness, or shut off completely
  • 12 months warranty

Package contents

  • Quooz Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Instruction booklet
  • AC power adapter

First Impressions

The first thing you would notice about this diffuser is its size. It is a big unit. The device comes packed in a nice package. The essential oil diffuser unit sports a genie look. The looks are amazing, and the design is pleasing to the eyes. Another thing which you notice is fairly quiet operation of the unit. It doesn’t heat much, too, while operating.


Quooz Lull essential oil diffuser has a plastic body. The quality of the plastic is good and is BPA free. The diffuser measures 6″ (L) x 6″ (W) x 9.5″ (H). Quooz Lull essential oil diffuser is available in different colours – Blue, Grey, Green, Rose and Orange. I bought grey color diffuser for the purpose of this review.

The diffuser unit has two parts, one base and another top. The base holds water and essential oil, while the top part has outlet for the mist. The base unit can hold up to 200 ml of water. There is no measuring cup included as a part of the package. So you should fill water up to the marker shown in the unit.

All electronic circuitry including the switches to control the output are housed the sides at the base unit. There are two switches on the sides of the base unit. One switch controls the power and another, the lighting. The power adapter has to plugged to the bottom of the base unit. The top part of the unit is funnel shaped. It fits nicely to the base unit. It is easy to lift it and expose the base unit for cleaning. The diffuser accepts 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz, AC power input. There is no option to use battery power.

Design Issues

When you take the base unit out for cleaning, you have to remove the power input connection from the bottom. It is not a big problem, if the unit is empty. If there is water inside, then you have to be careful. You may spill the contents of the unit while handling the base unit. And, that means you have to be careful every single time you pick the unit up for cleaning. A casual approach to the cleaning of the unit does not work.

There is no way to pop or click the top portion into place. There are a few downsides to such a design, as well.

  • One, is that top can easily fall down if you are not careful. If you have pets or kids in your home, then the situation becomes tricky. It may fall off, if a cat knocks over it. The top unit being made of plastic, should not break, though.
  • Second, the water may condense inside the funnel shaped top unit. When you remove the top unit for cleaning, that condensed water may fall down. You can easily clean that, but that is another waste of time. This could lead to reduction in aroma and mist, produced.


Since the unit uses ultrasonic waves to produce mist, it does not generate much heat. As a result, you would notice that the unit operates very quietly. Even then, you can hear very minute sound of water bubbling up, if you listen carefully in a quiet room. You would hear this sound more often, if you set the device to intermittent mode of operation.

Quooz Lull Essential Oil Diffuser has a nice auto shut off facility. The unit shuts down automatically when the water in the container is over. When the diffuser shuts down, it doesn’t make any beep sound. When the base unit is full, the device should worked for at least 8 hours in continuous mode. In intermittent mode, I was able to get up to 12 hours. But I have seen many people complaining about the operating time going lower, after the initial four to six months. I need to see if the diffuser unit I have, exhibits the same problem. If it is there, then it is a quality control issue.

Other Features

Another impressive functionality is the breathing lighting facility. It increases and decreases the light intensity, like the way we inhale and exhale. This is especially nice, if you use this product while doing yoga sessions. It can act like an automated coach, whom you can follow. And, in yoga sessions, breathing exercises are the most important ones. There is no option to control the speed of breathing light. If you don’t like this setting, you have an option to set the light at whatever intensity you like. Just as the intensity is increasing or decreasing, press the lighting button once when it reaches the desired intensity. If you don’t expect lighting or, are not comfortable with light at night, especially, then you can switch off the light completely. Just press the light button twice and you are done. The instructions are clear, and is given in the booklet.

Although the device has a few settings like mode of operation, light intensity etc., the device forgets all settings once you switch off the diffuser. This can be annoying to some people, as you will have to setup the device every day.


Quooz Lull essential oil diffuser is very easy to operate. The device has two modes of operation – continuous and intermittent. As the name suggests, continuous mode works continuously. In the intermittent mode, the diffuser works for 20 seconds and sleeps for remaining 40 seconds. Intermittent mode provides longer hours of operation.

Use normal water in room temperature to operate the unit. Don’t use hot water to operate the unit. If the water you get is hard, then use distilled water. Hard water can cause deposits in the base unit and may cause problems in the future. While cleaning the unit, watch out for any sediments or dirt.


Maintaining the unit is easy. Disconnect the power input, remove the funnel shaped top portion and take out the base unit and clean. I recommend cleaning the unit after each use, especially if you add essential oil to the diffuser. You may use the unit without adding essential oil, as well.

You can use  a wet tissue or cloth to clean the unit. It is recommended to clean the unit on a regular basis to keep the shine of the unit. Please take care not to use a piece of cloth which is too wet. The instruction booklet clearly recommends water soluble essential oils. This would ensure that you will get good amount of mist throughout the operating hours. If you use heavier oils, then you must ensure that the diffuser is cleaned after each use.

Where it scores

  • Great looks
  • Doesn’t get heated
  • No puddle under the unit even after long hours of operation
  • Vibrant choices of colors to choose from
  • The diffuser can hold 200 ml of water
  • Doesn’t blink the light when it is about to shutdown, which annoys some people during sleep

Where it falls short

All the shortcomings of this unit are due to the design choices.

  • The top of the unit doesn’t get locked to the base unit, and hence likely to fall down and break
  • The power input cable has to be connected to the bottom of the base unit
  • The funnel shaped top reduces mist and aroma output of the unit
  • Condensed water on the top unit may fall on the furniture, while detaching the top

Final Words

After using this unit for sometime, I can comfortably say that Quooz Lull essential oil diffuser scores more on the looks than on the performance side. Having a capacity of 200 ml, gave me an impression that the device would operate for longer hours when the unit is full. I received only 8 hours of operating time, which a few competing products with less capacity also offer. The unit does send good amount of mist and aroma out. Yet, I have seen some long term reviews on Amazon claiming otherwise.

The light intensity can be adjusted, which is a nice thing. The downside is that the diffuser does not remember the settings and you have to set the brightness every single time you use the unit. While cleaning the unit, the condensed water from the top unit fell on my table on a few occasions. Cleaning the unit is pretty easy otherwise. Having said that, the unit doesn’t disappoint with its mist output. It is good enough to fill my medium sized bedroom. I would certainly recommend this unit to anyone without kids or cats at home. In addition, I would recommend this unit to anyone who is disturbed by flashing lights and beep sound at night, during sleep.

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