PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser Review

PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser Review

PureSpa essential oil diffuser is one of the popular diffusers in use today. It is an ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser with ionizer and color changing LED light. PureSpa is a brand of Pure Enrichment. I wanted to try this essential oil diffuser because of many recommendations, and got one from Amazon. In this review, I will take a look at the performance of this unit.

PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser Comprehensive Review

What company claims

  • Seven hours of steady mist without the need for refill
  • Use as a cool mist humidifier
  • Can be used with or without essential oil
  • Deodorize air from strong tobacco, pet and cooking odors
  • Relieve a variety of conditions including cold, nasal congestion, allergies, asthma and more
  • Multi-color changing lights (blue, green, purple, red, yellow)
  • Aroma coverage of up to 250 square feet
  • Safe non-heating diffusion process
  • Two year warranty

Package Contents

  1. PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser
  2. AC Adaptor
  3. 100 ml water measuring cup
  4. User manual

Please note that the device doesn’t come bundled with essential oil. You need to procure those separately.

Initial Impressions

The first thing you would notice about PureSpa essential oil diffuser is its quiet operation. The unit lights up and rotates the colors. Without much delay, the unit started emitting mist with an amazing smell of lavender oil I added. Even after operating for six hours, the device did not get heated at all. The ambience created by the light was amazing.

Build and Technology

PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser is entirely made of plastic. The plastic feels like good quality. The dimensions of the unit are 5.2″ (L) x 4.6″ (W) x 8.2″ (H). It holds about 100 ml water. And, the nice thing is, they give you a 100 ml cup to refill the water.

The device works on AC Power supply (100 – 240V, 50/60 Hz). The device needs to be plugged in when in use, as it doesn’t come with a battery. In case you want to gift it to someone in a different country, go ahead, it will work for sure. You may need to buy an adapter for that country.

Being an ultrasonic diffuser, it doesn’t heat either the water or oil used. Instead, the device uses ultrasonic waves to vibrate the liquid at high frequency to convert water into mist. In addition, the device has an inbuilt ionizer and pushes negatively charged ions into the air.

PureSpa essential oil diffuser does come with an automatic shut off facility. With full water in the unit, you should get anything between 6 to 8 hours of usage time. However, it does not have an automatic timer facility. So the unit will automatically turn off when it runs out of water. The unit flashes a red light about ten minutes before shutting off to alert you. It does not, however, produce an audible beep sound.


To turn the device on, press the ON button in for a second or two. The device will start to change the colors and mist will come up.

Refilling the unit with water is easy. The top of the unit is removable. So you can remove it, top up the water, add a few drops of essential oil, and put the container back. It is that simple.


Use normal water to refill the device. In case the water available at your location is hard, it is recommended to use distilled water. Otherwise, it may cause some deposits inside the device. And, do not use hot water to refill the diffuser.

The oil diffuser has to be cleaned after use. Drain the leftover water. You should not leave the excess water remain in the diffuser. Rise the unit with some warm water and dry it with a towel. Watch out for any sediments or dirt and clean it thoroughly. According to the user manual, these simple steps can keep your diffuser in good condition.

I did not try using citrus essential oil with PureSpa essential oil diffuser. Although, it should work fine, given the quality of the plastic container. Don’t forget to clean thoroughly, as mentioned earlier. I used 4-5 drops of lavender essential oil to test this device. There’s no need to add a carrier oil.

Customer Care

The company is confident about their offering and they offer you 60 days money back option. If you have any problem, then you can contact their customer care. Although, I did not have to contact the company, it enjoys a lot of goodwill among its customers. Their customer care is prompt and gets back to you in time. They even offer you a replacement unit if your unit is faulty. Some of those who recommended me this product, too had a positive experience. One of them got a replacement within a week of sending the faulty unit back. If you are willing to provide your feedback, the company will prove you a bottle of essential oil. The instructions for availing this offer is given along with the user manual.


  • BPA Free bottles
  • Quiet operation
  • Sufficiently long operating period of six to eight hours
  • Visual indication when the unit is about to run out of water


The smell lasts for only for 30-40 minutes. You can’t blame the unit entirely, as it depends on the essential oil you add and the quality of the added oil. Only a few essential oils are soluble in water. So if the oil you add is not soluble in water, then the aroma will not last long. Since the oil floats on top of water, it readily diffuses. In such cases, you won’t get the aroma during the full operation of the unit.

One more thing to note is that the direction of mist output can not be changed. It will always output the mist in upward direction only. In case you are particular about a unit which can provide directional output, then this may not be the right diffuser for you.

As noted earlier, the colors displayed by the unit rotates. You can choose to have the colors turned off. The unit functions normally, even when the light is turned off. Unfortunately, there is no option to display just one color of your choice. There is no option to turn this off. Even if you turn the device light off, the LED blinks when the device is about to run out of water. This is irritating for people who are disturbed by light during sleep. For such people, it is not recommended to keep this device in their bedroom.

Final Words

This is one of the best essential oil diffusers I have used. This is particularly useful, if you just need to use in a small room, or if you intends to keep one in every room. PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser may not be the best product if you are looking for one that gives you more than 6 hours of operating time or if you need to use a diffuser in a large living room. Some people are disturbed by flashing lights at night. This may not be a good product for you, if you are one among them. Overall, PureSpa is offering an essential oil diffuser that is worth every dollar.

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