PureSpa Deluxe Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Review

PureSpa Deluxe Essential Oil Diffuser Review

PureSpa Deluxe Diffuser is a popular aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. The manufacturer, Pure Enrichment, claims that the diffuser can provide a long operating period up to 10 hours. In this comprehensive review, I take a look at the product and how it performs in real world conditions. Let us dive in.

PureSpa Deluxe Diffuser Comprehensive Review

What Company Claims

  • Large 140 ml water tank
  • Up to 8 – 10 hours run time
  • BPA free plastic
  • Aroma coverage to fill up to 250 square feet room
  • Multi color changing lights
  • Built in ionizer

Package Contents

  • PureSpa Deluxe Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser
  • AC Adapter
  • Measuring cup
  • User Manual

Initial Impressions

I have been wondering why this product is popular. I got the answer as soon as I opened the package and got it working. PureSpa Deluxe Aromatherapy Diffuser is a silent performer. It works without shouting anything. The diffuser looks brilliant and sports a compact design. Something special about the device is the presence of no bulky buttons on the device. It looks like a well crafted product.


The diffuser, as I mentioned earlier, has a compact design. The capacity of the water tank is 140 ml. The dimensions of the product are: 5.4″ (L) x 5.4″ (L) x 6.4″ (H). The device has a nice plastic build. The company claims that it is using BPA free plastic for the construction of the device. The device has a base unit and a top lid. It is easy to remove the top lid. The mist output and light output come out through the top lid. The lid has no control switches. The inside of the lid has a peculiar shape, as you can see on the right. My strong belief is that such a design would not allow water to condense on the lid. So while you take the unit out for cleaning, it will not spill on the furniture.

PureSpa has bundled a water measuring cup along with the product. The included cup has water level markers outside. The power adapter bundled with the diffuser takes AC input. It is compatible with 110 V / 60 Hz and 230 V / 50 Hz system. Yet, you may have to use a proper wall plug adapter if you are using this in a different country. The adapter converts AC power to DC and the unit works on DC power. However, the diffuser doesn’t have a battery slot. The power adapter has to be connected to the back of the device.

PureSpa deluxe diffuser unit has only one button. It is not a normal push button. On the other hand, it is a soft touch button. You can find the button just above the PureSpa logo. This button is used to control all the aspects of the essential oil diffuser right from powering up the unit to changing the colors and to powering down the diffuser.


PureSpa deluxe diffuser uses trusted ultrasonic technology. As expected from an ultrasonic diffuser, the unit is quiet. It doesn’t make much noise. The vibrations of the crystal produces ultrasonic waves, thus diffusing water and essential oils into the air. Hence, the diffuser doesn’t produce much heat.

The diffuser has an auto shutdown feature. The device automatically shuts down when the water level is not enough to keep the unit running. When the water has run out, the diffuser produces a beep sound and shuts down.

If we look the competition, they offer many features which are missing on this diffuser. The missing features include: mist timer, color selection, mist output limiter, light intensity limiter, intermittent mode etc. I am not a fan of too many features. I always prefer a device which performs its core functionality without any compromise. Features are there to influence your opinion and emotions.


PureSpa Deluxe aromatherapy diffuser is easy to operate. Take some water in the measuring cup, pour it in the water tank of the diffuser, add some essential oil and switch on the device. Clear instructions are provided in the user manual.  You need not add essential oils to the water. However, if you are buying this diffuser, you would use it for aromatherapy.

Once you open the top lid, you can see a water level marker with MAX written on that. It is almost halfway down. It gives an impression that the unit can handle much more water than advertised. However, I decided to operate the essential oil diffuser according to the user manual. After all, that’s what majority of us do.

When you press the power button, the diffuser starts with a beep sound. This beep sound is an acknowledgement of button press. Every time you press the button, you hear that beep sound. What more, it produces this beep sound even when the diffuser shuts itself down. This is a problem, especially if you want to keep the diffuser in a room where children sleep. The beep sound was enough to wake up my sleeping toddler. So I had to keep this diffuser off his room.

When the diffuser starts working, it changes the color output. The light comes out through the top lid, along with the mist. Furthermore, that sight of mist coming through changing colors are pleasing to the eyes. Unlike the beep sound, you can switch off the light. Just press the soft button once more, and the lights are gone. Good feature, if you intent to keep this in bedroom.


The cleaning process is also very easy. I recommend cleaning the diffuser after every use. It is very easy to clean the diffuser. And, it doesn’t take much time to clean the diffuser. The user manual contains detailed instructions on cleaning the diffuser. I used normal water to operate the diffuser. Use distilled water, in case the pipe water available at your place is hard. When you open the unit for cleaning, do check for deposits of minerals or dirt inside the diffuser. Sometimes, you may even find small film of essential oil as well. In either case, clean the unit thoroughly and wipe with a paper towel.

If you keep the diffuser in good condition, the diffuser would work for a longer period of time. Periodic maintenance does not take much time.

Customer Service

Since I did not have any experience with this product for a longer period, I read thorough the reviews on Amazon. I could see that the customer care is offering help to everyone who posted reviews and problems on Amazon. Yet, there were some reviews on Amazon which claimed that the company is slow to respond. When you go through the company website, their contact page clearly mentions that they would need at least 48 hours to get back to you. One can see many customers posting on Amazon about support issues. Many such reviews have been updated to say that the company has contacted them after posting their grievance on Amazon.

All the customers who complained were offered a free replacement by the company. I could also see many of them claiming that the company is chasing them to upgrade their reviews, in case the start rating is lower. Also, don’t forget to register the product at the company’s website.


  • Simple no nonsense operation
  • Up to 10 hours of operation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Compact design
  • Color changing lights and auto shutoff
  • Two year warranty


  • No timers, intermittent mode etc.
  • Soft touch button causes confusion
  • Direction of mist output can’t be changed
  • Can’t control the amount of mist coming out
  • Can’t control the lighting
  • Beep sound is annoying

Final Words

PureSpa deluxe diffuser is a product which is aimed at a specific set of people. The company is targeting people who wants to own an aromatherapy diffuser, which does its job without much fuss. The product is well built with BPA free plastics. Most noteworthy, the essential oil diffuser offers up to 10 hours of operating time, even in real world tests. Rest assured, the diffusion will last for an entire night. The product, however, lacks features some people are looking for. Notably, it lacks a timer and mist control. So, I recommend this product to anyone who wants an aromatherapy diffuser that lasts for an entire night and just works.

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  1. Why does the pure enrichment user manual for the purespa natural unit fail to state its bpa free? Yet there are reviews that state this unit is bpa free? I have mixed feelings about this, confused.

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