Tea Tree Oil for Warts

Warts are small growths on the human body. A virus called Human Pappilomavirus (HPV) causes warts. It is typical to find warts on the hands or legs, but they are seen in other parts of the body as well. Although warts are contagious, they are usually harmless.The good news is that tea tree oil can be effective and using tea tree oil for warts is a good alternative to chemicals. It takes a while, but you get relief without applying any chemicals on your body.

Why tea tree oil works?

A major component of tea tree oil is terpenin-4-ol. This component provides the oil its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. It inhibits the growth of virus and kills them.

How to use tea tree oil for warts?

If you are having a wart on your foot sole or inner feet, then you can apply undiluted tea tree oil. Apply twice daily, preferably in the morning and evening. On think skin, tea tree oil is unlikely to cause any problems. Hence, you can use it undiluted on plantar warts as well.

But if you have warts on eyelids or any other part of body as a projected growth, use diluted oil.
You may dilute tea tree oil with a carrier oil of your choice. Normal choices are coconut oil, olive oil, etc. If you want to apply to a spot, mix one drop of tea tree oil with two drops of carrier oil.
When you apply the oil before going to bed, cover it with a bandage, so that it doesn’t get rubbed off. As I mentioned earlier, it will take  up to a week, to see some visible changes. You may have to apply the oil for a few weeks or even months to completely get rid of the warts.


Warts may contain nerve endings and blood vessels. If you try to cut wart, then it may bleed and cause complications.
In case you are using tea tree oil for the first time, use diluted oil on your skin for a couple of days.
Always, keep the oil away from kids and pets. Make sure that you don’t consume the oil, even by accident.

Other Notes

In certain people, warts can reappear, even after the treatment completely removes them. This may occur even if you use tea tree oil. In contrast, many people say that they have not got warts again after using the oil. Your mileage may vary. What should start the treatment immediately after noticing signs of  a wart reappearing.
Tea tree oil has a strong smell. It might take a few days to get used to that smell. So please bear with it, you are using tea tree oil for a good reason.

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